Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OK, Mr. Limbaugh, Into The Stirrups, C'mon, Big Fella

Sorry about the title. Braino is on me. Send the receipt.

Just for fun, from Mother Jones.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to sell his audience, consisting of: 25% men who have given Larry The Cable Guy a veeerrry good living; and 75% elderly white men that have never taken part in any form of birth control that they know of because condoms are socialism and metrosexual and that damn mistress better not get pregnant; the claim that women must take birth control like men must take Viagra, one BCP for every sexual experience. (Or like Rush must take Viagra, 100 illegally prescribed pills to sex-tourism capitol Teh Dominican Republic.) Hell, given his audience, it's not a hard sell, not exactly like selling ice to eskimos, or timeshares to me. His few remaining advertisers at this point are goldbugs and retirement services. Perhaps he should reach out and grab ahold of Pfizer. (See note above about Braino, receipt, etc.)

If the Flying Spaghetti Monster really loves us, we'll see just one of these proposed laws pass. In a perfect world, the Brothers Koch would realize, as the doctor sat back down at his computer, that women go through all this and more anytime they see an ob/gyn, and overcome with compassion, Chucky and Davy would drop this stupid, and as we've seen bloody effective, attack against women. In the real world, Charlie and Dave would get their woody inducers from Limbaugh's fixer, who does a stiffy run to Mexico every 2 weeks or so. It would be middle- and lower-class men fidgeting in a waiting room, too embarrassed to talk, who, for no reasons at all other than inconvenience and personal squick, would suddenly end this nonsense and disappear it into a deep hole with a shrubbery planted over it, never to be spoken of, except perhaps trimmed every year or so. (The shrubbery, not the nonsense.)

Of course the nonsense will rear its dumbass head again after some time - Peak Wingnut is a goal for the Limbaugh types, not a physical limit. But for a bit, anyhow, women's health will again be treated as, you know, health for women. Including using birth control for controlling birth. Stuff which is good. Just one. Please!


  1. Do you really think the Kochs want these "I'm all up in your lady-parts" bills, or are they just the sops they throw to the fundamentalist dogs they've managed to rope in to support their corporate agenda? I can't figure it out. I don't think the Kochs are religiously motivated, I think money and power is all they care about.

    Actually, this whole "war on women" is a total mystery. It's so incredibly stupid for them politically, I almost wonder if there's a liberal mole inside, luring them into doing it.

  2. I've read some profiles, in the New Yorker, Slate. And given that they are a major employer here and have a refinery outside of the Twin Cities, they've been profiled locally as well. (They rarely speak unless by proxy, however.)

    I've never noted anywhere that they are religious beyond the sort of "I have to put something down, so, I'm Wossname-alian." type of thing. But Charles Koch, in particular, seems to very much push a goal of economic libertarianism, actually pure laissez faire economics, in combination with a sort of Bircher-lite cultural bias. That is, he's happy to take the money of a black person, a muslim, or women, whatever, but doesn't want them in his clubs.

    I think it's mostly about power and money. But there is a significant aspect of "all govt is bad, it should go away now" evangelism, and not much respect for human rights beyond themselves and maybe a family member or two.

    As far as the "war on women" being a Xanatos gambit, I'm not sure. This is so heinous, so ugly, even if it were to work, driving women, assorted minority classifications, and "moderates" out of the elephant pen. I read about the Debbie Lesko proposal in Arizona, and I want to scream. Absolutely sick to my stomach.