Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm The NIC*, Bitch!

*Nerd In Charge

Ughh, I'll never mix
carrot juice an
d radish juice again.

Gotta get some stuff done. Must wake up. I work a non-standard schedule, a mix of (7) - 12 hr days every two weeks, and when one of them involves major emergency switchgear repairs, it becomes a much longer day, screws me up for a bit. But, stuff, so...

Make some breakfast, listen to Stephanie Miller, and plot a plan, errr, plan a, ummm, fuggit, make a list.


  1. Visiting from BBBB. I listen to Stephanie Miller while careening down a winding canyon two-lane road, but other than that, we're identical!

  2. Hello Aunt Snow!

    Loves me some Mama and Mooks, checked out Doves, I'm jealous, beautiful area!

    Made a list, but it got proverted by the Lovely One and ended up computer-and-assorted-nonsense shopping - successful in the end, but I'll be fighting cables yet today, blarg.