Friday, March 23, 2012

I'll Give You Money To Take iTunes Out And Beat It

I'm in possession of a new laptop - badly needed, as the old one has less power than a TI calculator and more viruses than the CDC. I got a few new toys, Push 2 TV, a couple other little widget thingees, and I'm quite happy with the new naked lady machine. This is not my problem.

It seems Apple (the bad one, not the Beatles one) has taken many steps to appease the RIAA, FBI, Lars Ulrich, hell, the Catholic Bishops for all I know, and prevent the unpayingsomeoneagain way of handling music. Since I have an iPod and iPhone, I have iTunes. I don't buy much music, mostly use it to hold my cds, a lot of podcasts (Marc Maron's WTF, Bob and Chez Bubble Genius, lots of paranormal stuff, The Nerdist). Transferring podcasts and Applepaid stuff between computers is a breeze, its all held in the cloud. Ripped cds, on the other hands, not so much. So, I have had to take umpteen GB of stuff and transfer it via magic stick, 16GB at a shot, and along the way rebuild my iTunes directory (it did need some re-ordering of lists). Its been a, umm, process. Bastards!

I mean, shit! There has got to be an easier way. Oh wait, there is. An Apple widget, only $25 a month. Well, why didn't you say so! Bastards bastards bastards!

Its done now, and so am I. But, I did rediscover some great tunes on the way...

Chris Whitley - Big Sky Country

Also too, fuck VEVO.

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