Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pay No Attention To The Unemployed Man Behind The Curtain

I've given a bit of attention to Minnesota's own Mitchy Bachmann, currently vying to be the star of Rob Zombie's remake of "The Sound of Music", working title "Brainfondlers of the Northern Plains".

And we've also briefly explored the Minnesota "Holy Shit, Over There, A Gay Person*, Let's Run Away And Put Into The State Constitution That They Are Icky" Amendment. The frequent emails I get from 'Minnesotans Who Have Marriages That Will Be Destroyed If Gay People Exist, Inc.' bring the crazy, so much crazy. Painful, true crazy.

There are our state economic issues, not as bad as some states, but still suffering the effects of Lil' Timmy Pawlenty kicking the budgetary can down the road for a year or 8. Our Governor Dayton, who I voted for, donated to, and talked up, seems convinced that it is in our best interests to give $700 million to a faux New Jersey mobster, who has reached legal levels of corruption that Tony Soprano could only dream of. Said quasi-mafioso, Zygi Wilf, will then build a stadium/mall
complex, and keep all receipts, including any tips given to the restroomattendants. We have a mall, very american and stuff, perhaps he's heard of it. We have hotels, some very good hotels - Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis is stunning. Ohhh, and the Vikings have a stadium, paid for, with a new roof, after a minor mishap. Ohhh part 2 - the Vikings have been in re-building mode for the span of three different ownership groups. Although they could trade for Tebow.**

Also relevant, dozens of cases of votus interruptus throughout the 2012 primary season, as state legislature struggle to rein in dangerous groups of people, groups with one thing in common - they tend to belong to voter demographics that tend to vote Donkey.
Where am I going with this?

*This is a literary device known as a 'euphemistic paraphrase'.
**Re: The Real Life Waterboy. I'm kidding. But if it turns out I'm psychic, please kill me.


  1. Well, it seems as if you've dodged the Tebow bullet, at least.

    Maybe you can get Favre to come out of retirement. Again.