Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Just Actually Find This Fascinating

Going through the morning news and views. Me being me, it is a cycle of Think Progress, Cesca, Mr. Bogg, a handful of others, and this morning an aggregator I made on Yahoo, keyword searches for ghost, UFO, cryptid. It quickly became apparent that these keywords are not particularly efficient, but I have yet to refine them - hmmph, something to think about. Maybe its because once upon a time I made a rookie error and read Yahoo comments, thereby putting a bad taste in my mouth and a tumor on my soul. At any rate, I still check once in a while, knowing that half the hits for ghost involve Patrick Swayze in one nebulous form or another. What came up this morning was this.

Debris from the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 is approaching Canada. (This may give one particular Canadian creature a full on conniption fit...) This is an unmanned squid-boat that may make landfall, and they intend to let it hit land and fall, no one wants to salvage it, in as little as a week if storms hit. Been drifting for a year. There is a ballad in there somewhere.

Seriously. There is a very good short story to be written here, "Last Voyage of The Tsunami Maru", something of the sort.


  1. I think there's a good kaiju movie to be made!

  2. He wandered across the topdeck, his now constant internal commentary climbing and descending it's usual staircase. Why was he still here - the rest of the crew having abandoned him in the night. The following morning had progressed from confusion to a panicked run, looking for the captain, the engineers, his friend and partner in mending the nets Kobiyami.
    Why had they left him here - he had not an enemy that he knew of. Why had they left at all - the fishing had not been as successful as some runs, but they had yet to head for the rich fishing beds of the Coral Sea, as planned, and as they had provisioned for.
    He felt he had adapted as well as he could have to the situation. He kept himself fed, and busy. He knew nothing of the controls, or navigation, but was confident that with a certain amount of luck he would come across another ship - they had been in well-worked fishing grounds when the crew had left him, and not far off of the usual shipping lanes.
    He felt he had kept his wits about him. Initially, he had run to investigate the voices and steps as he heard them, but had eventually resigned himself to the knowledge that they were a figment of hope and that he was alone. The streaks of greasy fluorescence on the rails, ladders, and bulkheads he attributed to moisture and lack of polish, and he had not had reason to pay attention to such maintenance tasks prior to his current situation.

    To Be Continued? Posted to front page - Any thoughts?

    (I'm not sure, B^4, but I may be able to work with this. The trick for me is to avoid blatant plagiarisation of Cthulu mythos, and it's a mean trick...)