Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Return Of Aimee Semple McPherson

Ooof. Michele "Acid Eyes" Bachmann has claimed that the Affordable Care Act could lead to a one-child per couple law. We can ignore the fact that groundhog-like, she was due to pop her head up by spring. ( Given the möbius strip that this primary season has become, I wonder how many states she'd have taken yesterday had she stuck around...)

As Snowe voted against the Blunt bill, and now Murkowski recanting, I'm seeing bloggers and commenters ask "Where are the other Republican women on the (bogus) contraception issue? Who is the next right-wing woman to throw her opinion out there?" You know how they say there are no stupid questions? This is a stupid question.

Does Stephanopolous think Jean Schmidt is suddenly going to remember there are other uses for female happy parts? Given what Bachshit said, is she really going to come on MSNBC and say "Don't you dare have sex, but just in case have a box of dental dams in the bathroom drawer." (Marcus, you dog!) Hell, Murkowski only recanted her vote - she did vote for that POS bill in the first stupid place. There have been no high profile winger women saying a discouraging word about the Blunt bill - Loesch, Cupp, Gretchen, Greta? Anyone?

Where are all the GOP women on Blunt? Right next to him holding his sammich.

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