Monday, March 12, 2012

Yep. We're Going To Have To Do This Again

Goody! We are going to have another lesson in responsible journalism and politicking!

On three. One...Two..


Sorry, I just get so excited.

Via Think Progress, we find Congressman Cliff Stearns fellating validating a terrified old white person's fears about President Obamaoogabooga. Fresh on the heels of Sheriff Joe "What Sexual Assault Crisis" Arpaio of Arizona declaring that a crack investigative team of Birchers Arizona volunteer patriots has determined the birth certificate provided by the president is "such an incredible fake that we can't tell that it's not real, so QED he's a Muslim", the Florida Congressman assures his constituents that their fears are not groundless, but it won't do any good to impeach because it will make him look like a fool they don't have the time before the election, so just vote him out.

Of course, as the 2016 election comes around, they'll be promising to impeach Pres. Obama in the future, to invalidate this whole dark (SWIDT) era in our history.

I admit fully, I am not Pres. Obama's biggest fan. He is way, waaaay over to my right side, without, of course, being insane. But really? After three years of no white concentration camps, no gun crushers rolling through the neighborhoods, of having Rick Freakin' Warren deliver the invocation at his inauguration, and we are still gonna have to deal with bed-wetting xenophobes for the next 8 months?

FSM save us!


  1. Sheriff Joe "What Sexual Assault Crisis" Arpaio

    I hope he gets bounced on his ass for chasing phantoms while real crimes are through the damn roof.

  2. The next 4 years and 8 months! Wait until November 5th, the asylum will be in an uproar.

  3. After three yrs. of no ...

    Yep. Peak wing-nut is probably a mathematical impossibility. I'd bet they'll turn it up to 12 if he's reƫlected, because "Now Obummer's gonna get whitey!!"

    The only question is whether they think they have enough votes in the old House to impeach before the new House is sworn in. Hey, who'll take a bet they'll try to fuck w/ the Electoral College?

  4. I'm trying to rethink the way I consider Peak Wingnut. I treat it almost as a physical limit, that at some point, the landscape will be littered with braised, shredded grey matter, like a Famous Dave's From Hell, as their heads go all splodey. I should consider it, instead, as a goalpost, created by the usual suspects, and unreachable as a calculable number. The greater the wingnut, the better the repubs electoral chances.

    What would happen if they could impeach in the lame duck? Would it then go to the newly constructed senate at the beginning of the new legislative session, or in other words, must an impeachment trial be considered in the same legislative session that impeachment took place in? IANAL, and some of the math out there right now makes the Senate look sort of ugly for this election.

    M. Bouffant, I'll take that bet. The electoral college got the texan close enough to victory with a loss of the popular vote, that the Supremes only had to flip one state to give it to him. I don't know if the EC always works in favor of the Reputzes, but it did then.

    1. I like to think of Peak Wingnut more as "Wingut Peak" a hitherto-unknown giant mountain that dwarfs Everest. Nobody has ever reached the top, and we don't know just how tall it is. Folks just keep climbing higher and higher, doing and saying crazier and crazier shit as their oxygen-starved brains continue to shrivel, but they never reach the top...