Monday, March 12, 2012

Reminds Me of My Dancing Days

Ummm, no. I can shuffle, do the redneck arm-swing. Actually, I can polka, and reasonably well - a byproduct of Germanitude. At any rate...

We went to the Shen Yun Performing Arts orchestral and dance performance on Friday night in Minneapolis, and it was stunning! The company is dedicated to Chinese culture generally, and in some portions to Falun Dafa (Which I inferred to mean Path Of Love? Correction welcome...) It had multimedia elements, the projection screen in back (with the logo) had animation tied in with the performance, as well as background. The performers were incredibly athletic, expressive in both face and movement. I do not know enough about dance to give name to motion, but there were bits of tumbling, martial arts, western ballet, stories of drama, protest, comedy, love of the land, broken up with Chinese opera. Couldn't get any pics, they enforce a no photomagraphy rule, for good reasons so I had no issues. I could get this at the end, the complete company and orchestra.

The night out was part of a Christmas present to She Who Walks On Ground I Sorta Dig, so we also went to dinner at Fogo De Chao, a 'traditional Brazilian churuscarria steakhouse'. It was so good, and so bad for you. After your salad, which was perfectly fantastic in its own damn right, there are any number of servers carrying around hunks o' grilled animal from table to table, a real meat orgasm.

The wine and scotch lists left nothing to be desired either. I'm not a wine drinker, and my wife doesn't go especially fancy on wine, but she had a very good sweeter white, while I had Glen Morangie Nectar D'or - (angel sounds).

There is a bit of a hullabaloo hereabouts regarding the local football team having naked pictures of the governor asking for public financing for a stadium and likely receiving it. The local improv workshop, Brave New Workshop, is addressing this!

We don't get enough date nights...


  1. Hey, I'm of half-Kraut descent & I dunno how to polka. Cheated again, I guess.

  2. Polka was the soundtrack to every wedding reception of my yoot, until we worked our way down to the cousins of my age, when it frequently became top-40 country. I preferred the polka-ing!

    Aktually, there is a small town in western WI that has a polkafest every summer, and I tell ya, those 80 year old lutherans would set down their lemonade, take a deep breath, do the 3 step dervish for 5 minutes or so, sit back down and talk about the morning milking again. Impressive as hell, sorta!