Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, New York, I Am So Sorry...

...that you are about to get hit by Hurricane Timmeh. (snrk)

No, I mean it. It's not funny (heehehuhhhhheh)


Two-Minute-Timmy has packed up a trailer load of koolaid, hired someone to teach him spell make the mapquest thingy go beep, and headed for the Jets, who have shown such faith* that they also requested a seventh rounder, for which they paid a fourth and sixth rounder. But what they got...
A man with the footwork of Sammy Davis Jr... today. A man who knows the bible backwards and forwards but can't spell 'bible'... or 'the' for that matter. A man with a cannon for an arm ... being aimed by a drunken sailor in a typhoon after already having been sunk.

The circus will soon arrive, along with millions of followers, driving used Oldsmobiles with bobblehead Jesuses on their dashboards, and roofs, hoods, hubcaps. Admittedly, this dumb bastard will suck even more oxygen out of the legitimate sports news, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, those guys are generally the biggest jock-sniffers on the planet and it will be fun to watch the fail. New York football fans are vocal and unforgiving, and Timbo is going to learn many fascinating, expressive ways of stating one's views.

The sooner this leak in the genetic pool is gone, the better.

*I did something there, not sure what


  1. Hey, it's okay- New York will turn him into a hedonistic atheist.

    1. I got 5$ he'll be apprenticing for Teh Naked Cowboy by October, or playing The Thing in a multiple Tonys-nominated production of "The Fantastic Four - An Symphonic Extravaganza!"